Top 10 Things To Bring To Uni and Why?

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We caught up with our Student Ambassador, Ashleigh to find out her top 10 things to bring to University and why ahead of the upcoming academic year. Check out her list and reasons below:

1.	An Academic Planner
Term time can get quite busy and overwhelming balancing that awesome social life, self-care, and your academic studies. Having a planner creates a healthy habit of organisation and allows you to create a good work-life balance. P. S you also don’t want to miss out on any fresher events (there’s a lot).

2.	A Warm Beverage!
Whether you are more of a matcha, latte, or Yorkshire tea kind of person, bringing a warm beverage is a casual and easy way to meet your new housemates or catch up with old ones. Sticking on the kettle and knocking on your neighbour’s door shows your thoughtfulness and your openness to be more social and is really helpful for those who are homesick or feeling lonely. P.S it’s always nice to make somebody’s day.

3.	Room Décor (Blue tack and command hooks)
Think of your new room as a blank art canvas that’s waiting for your individuality and creativity. It is so important to make your room homely and a safe place where you can relax and get away from the chaotic student lifestyle. Décor can be easily done on a budget with posters, tapestries, fairy lights (plug-in versions)/ LED light strips, a small rug, and a few bed pillows. Primark, Amazon, and B&M are your saviours here! Don’t forget blue tack and command hooks to hold your masterpiece together.

4.	A Long Mirror 
This is a really simple one but an essential (take it from me who only purchased one in her final year). Having a mirror allows you to always present your best self and admire your lit going-out outfit or your formal job interview look. P.S they’re also great for mirror selfies. B&M offers a range of long mirrors for around £12 (I KNOW!).

5.	Formal Clothing
Chances are that between your fun-themed nights out or your cozy study sessions in, you will need to dress formally for an occasion such as a job interview or placement work therefore bring at least one formal outfit with you.

6.	Important Documents
Sometimes we forget that in order to apply for a job or to get into a nightclub you need documentation. Keep a folder or a plastic wallet of important documents such as your passport, driving license, birth certificate, qualification certificates, and so on. It’s a real inconvenience to have them posted or a journey home just to go to a job interview or apply for your DBS check.

7.	Medicine Bag
Having a medicine bag (including a first aid kit) is extremely important. Living away from home is much tougher when you get the infamous fresher flue, common cold, or the latest version of the VID (COVID-19). Having paracetamol, band-aids, flu drinks, sore throat sweets, and Vicks at the ready is so helpful. The last thing you want to be doing is crawling to the local Tesco express when you no longer feel inside your own body.

8.	Slippers
Purchasing a pair of slippers practically halves the amount of cleaning. Not only are slippers so much softer on the feet but wearing indoor shoes will stop you from trampling outside dirt around your house and are much more convenient to slip on to run to the kitchen and bathroom.

9.	A Memory Stick
Some sort of memory stick or hard drive is reassuring to have. Having multiple backups of the amazing work you’ve poured hours of work (and maybe tears) into is going to save your life. Technology is not always as reliable as we like to think and the last thing you deserve is a late penalty as your computer charger broke or your file was corrupted. P.S you can never have too many spare copies. 

10.	Games
Whether you’re a master at Mario kart (my reign still stands), an inquisitive inspector at Cluedo, or the Elden Lord, having video games is great for hanging out with friends or just chilling out alone. But games always are appreciated at pre-drinks so purchase a cheap pack of cards and brush up on your card game knowledge.
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