Get Ready For Spring

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No mess - less stress! 

As the seasons take a turn and lighter nights are upon us, we're ready for a spring clean to refresh and start a new tidy era, so check out our tips below and get inspired to start your decluttering! 

1.	Declutter and remove any unnecessary items you haven't used recently. 
Be brutal! This can apply to your room, desk, books, wardrobe, kitchen cupboards and just anything that hasn't be used lately - throw it out, sell it or donate to charity. 

2.	Clear out and organise your wardrobe. 
Hang as many clothes up as possible in a suitable order, you can add more than one item to a hanger to save space. 

3.	Use dividers to arrange your drawers. 
If you tend to throw everything into a draw and it ends up never to be seen again then dividers are the perfect solution to keep everything in order and visible. 

4.	Create a comfortable study area.
A large amount of your time will be spent at your desk so it's important this is kept as tidy as possible to have a clear mind and get in the study zone. 

5.	Organise your university work.
Missing deadlines? Put a wall calendar up and invest time into adding your course schedule onto it to be prepared for hand ins and new modules commencing. 

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