It's Time To Spring Clean!

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A good spring clean is always a great idea this time of year. It allows you to clear out the old and welcome in a new, but also keeping your space clean and tidy is always good for overall wellbeing.

Here are some tips on how to get your room and house looking as good as it did on move in day!

Some essentials for a good clean: (For cheap but good products try B&M or The Range)

Most importantly – Rubber gloves
All-purpose cleaner (disinfectant)
Scrubbing sponges
Bicarb soda
White vinegar
Bucket for mops / hot water
Baby oil
Rags or Chamois mop
Washing up liquid
Toilet brush
Glass and mirror spray
Drain cleaners
Kitchen cleaner

Always begin your clean from top to bottom of a room, starting with the best room first and finish on the worst room. Ensure you have regular breaks and windows are open with extractor fans on when using chemicals, this also freshens up the air in the room.

The key to a good clean is to unclutter the room / house. This may require some bin bags, clearing away and rubbish or clutter that can be thrown away or donated. For the rooms start with the sides and desk, then go into your wardrobe and have a KEEP, DONATE, TOSS method, grab a friend to help you let go of those clothes you bought because they were “on sale”!

Here are a few websites that will collect your clothes to save you any faffing:

Not only do you clear some space your also helping  people in need.

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