Tips for securing a job straight out of university

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1- Start building your CV 
Building a strong CV can be crucial when applying for post graduate jobs. It is a great way to showcase your best skillset and assets which you’ve gained throughout the years and is a great way to show your personality through hobbies and extracurricular activities. For example, hospitality work shows your future employer that you have confidence, customer service experience, working to time limits, presentation of self.

2- Gain volunteer work / work experience
Volunteering for any kind of work is extremely beneficial to making you stand out from the crowd, this could be charity work or just at a local business, it doesn’t have to relate to the industry you are looking to gain a role in. It shows your commitment to gaining real life experience. 

3- Take up Internships
Internships are a great balance when you are at university, they allow you to work for a period of time whilst ‘usually’ getting paid too! Larger companies are more likely to offer internships to students, however these are renowned for being very competitive. This will look great on your CV and help you when it comes to your full-time career.

4- Make use of your 'University Career Service Advisors'
Universities often have a career service team. We encourage our students to book a meeting with them as they are there to help you build up your CV, help to create a Linkedln profile and give you guidance on the roles which may suit you best. They often post internships on their profile so keep your eye out.

5- Attend Career Fairs
Attending Career Fairs are a great way of meeting with people from hiring companies. It gives you an insight into the type of job roles available and the experience / qualifications required, they may also give you some useful tips on securing a job!
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